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Artificial Intelligence in the Real World

We provide operational consulting in artificial intelligence (AI) for multimedia solutions including feasibility assessment, due diligence, and technology watch. We aim at removing the R&D risk from clients and brings back a working prototype that matches the business needs.

We mean artificial intelligence in the broadest sense: Mathematics applied with computers also known as statistical learning, pattern recognition, machine learning, signal processing for various media such as sound, image, video, text and of course tabular data.

Our expertise in artificial intelligence was earned through both academic research and corporate experience. Knowing how to combine the best of both worlds is the special signature. We mobilize and create cutting-edge research enhanced by concrete pragmatism to make sure our solutions work in the real world.

Research from Academia and Pragmatism from Companies

Our ambition translates into accomplishments towards artificial intelligence by maintaining close relationships with academia with scientific publications and collaborations, think tanks, companies thanks to research, operational consulting and teaching in business school.

Scientific Publications on Google Scholar

Scientific culture is at the core of our philosophy. We rove across the fields and never hesitate to deploy alternative approaches borrowed from non-AI domains discipline when they work more efficiently.



Jellysmack helps video creators from content production and editing to social media promotion.

“Warith is a Bible in AI”
Annual performance review from Jellysmack, 2022

Rennes School of Business

Executive MBA 16-hour course for the Rennes School of Business on AI for Business

“An unlikely but incredible duo!”
Student, 2022

Ircam Amplify

Ircam Amplify's mission is to make the very best in audio research and musical creation from IRCAM labs available to benefit markets with products.

“Thank you for this great job”
Nathalie Birocheau, founder of Ircam Amplify, 2022


VizioSense develops cameras for monitoring and counting that are low-energy, low-bandwidth and respecting privacy by design.

“Warith's expertise in AI and computer vision has been key to shape the R&D team of VizioSense.”
Maxime Schacht, founder of VizioSense, 2021

MAP5 Lab

MAP5 is the Applied Math lab of Université de Paris that hosts me studying Generative and Discriminative AI for 4 wonderful years

“A fascinating (and passionate) work which shows a beautiful hindsight on the field.”
Erwann Le Pennec, Professor at École Polytechnique and Ph.D. jury referee, 2021 is the worldwide leading e-commerce for car parts.

“This cooperation with the university brought great value to the company I founded, Oscaro, with the product Cerbero.”
Pierre-Noël Luiggi, founder of, 2020


We believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be understood as an upheaval comparable to agriculture and sedentary life, the invention of writing or even printing. Those turning points altered our very relationship to the world.

All activities are now being affected by AI. For our everyday life, artificial intelligence is the automated emergence of certain aspects of natural intelligence such as learning, decision making, adaptation, prediction etc.

In practice, artificial intelligence is the science that allows machines to execute tasks from examples instead of instructions.


Warith Harchaoui holds a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and is deeply engaged in the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) in academia and in companies. He commenced his academic journey at École Normale Supérieure de Cachan, where he received his M.Sc. in 2008. His initial forays into the industry revolved around computer vision applications in startups and global companies.

He extended his academic pursuits at École Normale Supérieure de Paris, contributing to research at the globally recognized Willow laboratory. His scholarly interests encompass a range of topics within image, sound, video, and text processing, a domain where he has consistently leveraged mathematical models for innovative solutions. From 2014 to 2020, Warith embraced a corporate role in data science, working with the e-commerce leader in the automotive parts sector Balancing industry demands with academic rigor, he completed his Ph.D. research between 2016 and 2020 at the MAP5 Lab of Université de Paris.

Ph.D. defense on Learning Representations using Neural Networks and Optimal Transport

Since 2021, Warith serves at Jellysmack the 2022 #1 most innovative company according to FastCompany, where he combines his expertise to help internet video creators through every stage from content production and editing to social media promotion. He continues to contribute in leading scientific conferences and journals of AI.

Warith Harchaoui

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